[C++-sig] Re: Creating an instance of a python class derived from a C++ object from C++

Brian Hall bhall at gamers-fix.com
Sat Jul 10 22:03:03 CEST 2004

> Now say I want to dynamically create an instance of a python class derived

> from MyCppClass like so:
> class MyPythonClass(MyCppClass):
>   def SomeFunction(self):
>     return 42
> But I want to do this from C++, not Python... how would I do this?  

Use the metaclass interface:

    // returns a new class
    object make_bar
        object bases = make_tuple(py_cState);
        dict attributes;
        attributes['x'] = 1;
        attributes['quack'] = quack;

        return py_cState.attr("__class__")("bar", bases, attributes);


While this is very very cool, I think you misunderstand me... I have the
python script, and I want to instantiate a python object of type
MyPythonClass from C++ not define it from C++.

Thanks again!


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