[C++-sig] Re: Type Exception of type Argument Error

Brian Hall bhall at gamers-fix.com
Sun Jul 11 22:36:44 CEST 2004

Here is a simple project that shows the problem...

There is cPythonScriptedAction class which is a wrapper for the
cScriptedAction class which is derived from cAction.  cAction holds a
reference to a cState.  All of the constructors of the various cAction
classes take a reference to a cState object upon construction which they

The python script derives a new type from the exposed cScriptedAction,
obtains the cState reference via the State() accessor, and makes
modifications to the value the state contains.

The output expected is:

State Value: 10
Hello from Python!
State Value 10
State Value 5
State Value 5

The output received is:

State Value: 10
Hello from Python!
State Value 10
State Value 5
State Value 10

This shows the state value on the C++ side isn't changing, and therefore the
python derived action class has its own copy of the state rather that using
the reference.

I hope this helps explain what's going on!


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"Brian Hall" <bhall at gamers-fix.com> writes:

> Alright, I've modified my code to use the object class to create python
> objects, and all is going well now aside from the object being passed into
> the constructor being copied rather than used as a reference...

??  What constructor ??

> How do can I ensure that any constructor parameters are not copied but are
> actually treated as the correct type of constructor parameters?

I'm lost.  Can you post a small piece of code that illustrates your

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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