[C++-sig] Builtin python functions and the Object Wrapper

Brian Hall bhall at gamers-fix.com
Sun Jul 18 18:54:36 CEST 2004

Say I want to implement the following python code in C++ using the object


def tb_lineno(tb):


    c = tb.tb_frame.f_code

    if not hasattr(c, 'co_lnotab'):

        return tb.tb_lineno


    tab = c.co_lnotab

    line = c.co_firstlineno

    stopat = tb.tb_lasti

    addr = 0

    for i in range(0, len(tab), 2):

        addr = addr + ord(tab[i])

        if addr > stopat:


        line = line + ord(tab[i+1])

    return line



How would I gain access to the len() and ord() builtin methods?



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