[C++-sig] New-style polymorphism

Roman Yakovenko roman_yakovenko at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 28 08:06:33 CEST 2004

> From: David Abrahams
[mailto:dave at boost-consulting.com]

> The differences are most apparent if you compare
> libs/python/test/polymorphism.cpp and
> libs/python/test/polymorphism2.cpp.
>   * you no longer need an initial "self" argument to
>     Instead you derive your class X from wrapper<X>
(I'm looking for
>     better names for that base class)

call_dispatch, dispatch

> I hope to get this documented before the release,
but in case I
> don't, the old method still works; I'd like people
to get some
> experience with this new feature though, so I can
see if it's working
> out as it should.  It would be great if Pyste could
be switched to
> generate the appropriate code.

I already have pyste patch, I need to test it more. I
will submit in a few days.

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