[C++-sig] Interface slices between python and c++

Neal D. Becker ndbecker2 at verizon.net
Thu Jul 29 16:48:42 CEST 2004

I now have some experience using boost::python with vector_indexing_suite to
expose std::vector objects to python.  Using this, it is easy to expose c++
algorithms written for stl-style iterators.

Consider an algorithm F1:

template<typename it_t>
void F1 (it_t start, it_t end);

We can do:

template<typename cont>
void wrap_f1 (cont c) {
  F1 (c.begin(), c.end());

and then expose wrap_f1<vector<double> >, for example.

But now, suppose we want to apply algorithm F1 to a *slice* of a vector?

I noticed that in boost.cvs, there is "slice.hpp".  AFAICT,
vector_indexing_suite is not using it, though.

OK, so my question is, what is a "good" approach to this?  I would add, I
think this must be a very common issue.

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