[C++-sig] Could anyone send me an example code for C++/Python Interfacing ???

Billy Gnosis sirbender at freenet.de
Tue Mar 2 21:17:24 CET 2004

Billy Gnosis wrote:

> Hi...
> I am writing plugins for an already existing application. An API is 
> supplied in C++ to "interact" with the necessary parts of the 
> application.
> I have written a Pthon programm that does some text parsing tasks and 
> returns a some lists and an Nnumeric array as the desired result.
> Now I would like to /*_call _this Python program from within my C++ 
> plugin _with a single argument:_    _a filename_*/. The Python program 
> now should do the Text processing trick and*/_ return the lists (could 
> convert to Numeric arrays_ _before that, if it helps) and arrays to 
> the C++ programm_/*. (optimally this should happen without the user 
> knowing that python is working partially in the background - no Dos 
> Box opening etc.).
> I have underlined the parts of the process in the text above I don't 
> know how to do...I hope there is a simpler solution than using a neat 
> interfacing support  like SWIG etc...
> Now, I want to ask somebody if he perhaps has a little SIMPLE example 
> code in C++ and Python where something similar is done. I would 
> appreciate some example files very much,  as I could then directly 
> test out what's going on.
> Surely I am also very happy with any other counsel...
> Thanks,
> billy
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