[C++-sig] MSVC 7.1 Multithreaded Dll Memory Leak

Paul Grenyer paul at paulgrenyer.co.uk
Thu Mar 25 19:42:23 CET 2004


> I can verify this problem.  I've been reluctant to call it a memory
> leak, because it only seems to occur after calling Py_Finalize().  I did
> not go so far as to attempt to use anything other than the multithreaded
> runtime dll.

That's interesting as well.  I don't think it does only occur after

I first notice the problem during a test application that executes over 1.6
million python scripts one after the other. Py_Initialize and Py_Finalize
are only called once, at the beginning and end of the application,
respectively. The memory allocation is clearly rising all the time. As soon
as I switch to another runtime the leak goes away.

I am currently running all our unit tests with the static multithreaded
runtime. If they pass then we may well switch to that for the time being,
but I would prefer to fix the problem and keep using the dll multithreaded


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