[C++-sig] Newbie needs advice for decision.

Billy Gnosis sirbender at freenet.de
Tue Mar 30 13:10:04 CEST 2004

Hi I want to extend and more important embed Python in my Programs.

1. What is the best (easiest way) to extend Python with C++ ? Swig or 
Boost.Python, or is there something easier ?

2. What is the best (easiest way) to embed Python in a C++ Program ? 
Boost.Python, the Python/C Api, or is there something easier out there ?

3.  General Question: I played a little bit wit the high level embedding 
of the python interpreter in my C++ Program (#include "Python.h", 
Py_Initialize()...etc.etc...). Can I somehow compile and link everything 
statically ? Meaning, I have one binary in the end, that already 
includes all necessary parts of the python interpreter - when I give 
this file somebody else, this should be enough to run it  no 
installation of the python interpreter necessary, etc...

Is this possible ?



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