[C++-sig] Re: boost.Python/Jam with shared libraries

Rene Rivera grafik.list at redshift-software.com
Wed Nov 10 17:53:12 CET 2004

Aaron Bentley wrote:

> John Meinel <john <at> johnmeinel.com> writes:
>>You might want to try the "don't do it but tell me what you want to do." 
>>bjam -n
> Here's the meat of the output (with library-file):
> "bin/python/pfengine.so/gcc/debug/shared-linkable-true/pfengine.so.1.31.0"
> -L"/home/abentley/devel/.libs" -L"/home/abentley/lib/python2.3/config"
> "bin/python/pfengine.so/gcc/debug/shared-linkable-true/pfengine.o"
> "/home/abentley/devel/libpdf.a"  "/home/abentley/devel/libpdf.a"   -lpanutil
> -lpantemplate -lpanpdfgen -lpancompile -lpanconsult -lpanelement -lpanlang
> -lpancore -lpanexport -lpanreport -lpancgi -lchart -lecommerce -licuio -licudata
> -licutoolutil -licule -licui18n  -Wl,-rpath-link,.  
> -Wl,-soname,pfengine.so.1.31.0 

Looks correct, that is libpdf.a is in there. I would suspect that the 
problem is that libchart was built to link against the shared version of 
libpdf. You can verify what it needs by using the "ldd" command, 
http://www.die.net/doc/linux/man/man1/ldd.1.html -- If that's the case 
then you'll have to find/build that shared libpdf dependency.

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