[C++-sig] Re: -sBUILD=debug-python

Stefan Quandt Stefan.Quandt at bardenheuer.de
Thu Nov 18 15:51:36 CET 2004

David Abrahams wrote:

> Stefan Quandt <Stefan.Quandt at bardenheuer.de> writes:
>> David Abrahams wrote:
>>> Stefan Quandt <Stefan.Quandt at bardenheuer.de> writes:
>>>> I try to build an extension with python-debug on Win32.
>>>> I compiled a debug version of the Python interpreter from source and
>>>> adjusted PYTHON_ROOT in my Jamrules to it's location.
>>>> Then I try to build my extendions with
>>>>   bjam -sBUILD=python-debug
>>>> When bjam tries to link boost_python.dll it complains not finding
>>>> "python23.lib".
>>>> As far as I know it should be "python23_d.lib".
>>>> Or am I missing something?
>>>    bjam -sBUILD=debug-python
>>>                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> Ah, yes, that's what I did.
>> It's only written wrong in my posting.
>> Why dows bjam references the non-debug version python23.lib when linking
>> boost_python.dll?
> Oh
> , that's why. 
> You have to link with boost_python_pydebug.lib/.dll (or the
> boost_python.lib/.dll that's created in a path including
> .../debug-python/...) if you want to use Python debug mode.
As I wrote bjam tries to create a normal "boost_python.dll"

> Of course, if you use the method in libs/python/example/Jamfile you
> won't have this problem
In fact my Jamfile is derived from the given example and it's very similar
in structure.
My extension target rule differs only in 
 1) specifying multiple files in the source argument and
 2) having a requirements argument with <library-path> and <find-library>

So what "mechanism" would bjam bring to create
After reading
I assumed it would be as simple as using the "-sBUILD=debug-python" option.


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