[C++-sig] understanding pointer ownership with Boost.Python

Alexis H. Rivera-Rios ahrivera at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 23 07:56:04 CET 2004


I'm writing some dummy classes to learn how to create
Python classes that are derived from C++ classes. I
have the following class:

class Strategy
	virtual ~Strategy() {};
	virtual void Execute() = 0;


I want to derive classes from that class using Python
to then send them to this other class:

class MutableObject
	std::vector<Strategy *> strategyList;
	Strategy *current;

	MutableObject() {strategyList.push_back(new
NullStrategy()); SelectStrategy(0); }
	~MutableObject() { for (int
i=0;i<strategyList.size();++i) delete strategyList[i];

	void AddStrategy(Strategy *s) {
strategyList.push_back(s); }
	size_t GetNumStrategies() { return
strategyList.size(); }
	void SelectStrategy(size_t ith) { current =
strategyList.at(ith).get(); }
	void ExecuteStrategy() { current->Execute(); }

I exposed the classes doing the following:
struct StrategyWrap : Strategy, wrapper<Strategy>
    void Execute()


	class_<StrategyWrap, boost::noncopyable>("Strategy")
    .def("Execute", pure_virtual(&Strategy::Execute))

    .def("AddStrategy", &MutableObject::AddStrategy,

I used the with_custodian_and_ward because my
intention is to tell boost.python that whatever
instance is created in python will be owned by the
MutableObject class.  This class will free the memory.
 At least, that is my goal. 

I tested the code with the following script:
from libhello import *

class NewStrat(Strategy):
	def Execute(self):
		print "Another message"

x = MutableObject()

for i in xrange(0,x.GetNumStrategies()):

y = NewStrat()

for i in xrange(0,x.GetNumStrategies()):

I get the following error when I execute the script
nothing to do here
nothing to do here
Another message
free(): invalid pointer 0x807f420! <---

All I can deduce is that either the object is being
delete twice. Or the Python object was created using
malloc() and my C++ code tries to delete it using
delete and that's why I get this error.

Is my theory correct? How do I go about fixing it?

I will appreciate your help.

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