[C++-sig] Re: VC7 internal compiler error with Boost 1 32 (python)

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Wed Nov 24 17:59:28 CET 2004

"Vladimir Ignatov" <vignatov at colorpilot.com> writes:

> David,
> It is not "wild theory", it is "sad practice".  I am talking about building
> Python modules using boost::python, not building boost::python library
> itself.  

But the OP was trying to build the library.  I appreciate that you
were trying to help, but your theory about the cause of his problem
was highly misleading.  When we say we support VC6 and VC7, we mean
it, and it doesn't do anyone a service to suggest that the library
can't be built or used with those compilers.

> Library builds fine but together with VC 7.0 it kind of "unusable"
> for me since I can't build any "serious" module with it.   Say, if I have
> class with 10 methods, then python module builds fine. But if I add one more
> method, then compiler brokes with "internal error" message.  

Yes, I'm familiar with the issue.

> The only "workaround" is split this module in two or more
> files. Tested on two different computers. Repeated with 100%
> probability.

Right.  It's a completely different problem, though.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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