[C++-sig] re: How can I use boost::python and Python API at the same time

???? tlovexyj at 21cn.com
Fri Oct 22 04:08:40 CEST 2004


  I have allready complied boost::python and I have four lib named boost_python_pydebug.lib, boost_python_debug.lib, boost_python.lib and libboost_python_debug.lib. If I use boost::python only and link boost_python_debug.lib, it's all fine. 

  And I checked up the application need boost_python_debug.dll and python22.dll. When I use python API in this same code, then the python.h will be include, so it link the python22_d.lib in the pyconfig.h automatic. It means the application will be need python22_d.dll, OMG!!! If my poor application running, it will crash when I get the __main__ dict, because boost::python use python22.dll but python API use python22_d.dll, python initialize twice... oops~
  sorry for my poor english!

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