How long did it take you to integrate BPL into your app? (was: Re: [C++-sig] Re: Embedding Boost.Python and Exposing Classes to

Chad Austin caustin at
Fri Sep 3 07:25:05 CEST 2004

> Oh I got going in a few days too, but once one starts doing things
> which the docs & examples don't directly explain one runs into a very
> steep learning curve.

Agreed!  It's easy to get something to work, but it's somewhat
difficult to figure out some of the subtle issues...  (Like the fact
that Cygwin gcc is trying to allocate over 4 GB of RAM when linking my
current app...)  The documentation for some of the less commonly-used
things like register_ptr_to_python is a little sparse, IMO.

> Out of interest, has anyone on this list fully integrated BPL into
> their application in less than 140 hours (one man month)? I mean from
> start to completion here. If it is an open source application, please
> give us the application's home page.

It took about a week or two to get the components I planned to export
to Python working.  Eventually I'll be exporting a lot more.  Project

> Any replies will be the basis of a new page listing good examples of
> real world applications of BPL. I shall personally construct such a
> page and send it in to be applied against CVS head if there are any
> answers and I think from inspection of the source it has been
> correctly done.

Sounds like a good thing to have.

Thanks Niall,

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