[C++-sig] pyste, gccxml and boost ublas, random number generator etc

Nicodemus nicodemus at esss.com.br
Mon Aug 1 14:42:41 CEST 2005

Stefan Seefeld wrote:

>Could anybody with gccxml and windows experience detail the problem a bit ?
>While I plan to look into a new synopsis-based pyste frontend, I don't quite
>understand the problem, as the compiler emulation code synopsis uses was
>to a certain degree inspired by gccxml, and so I would assume that gccxml
>does the right thing, no matter the platform.

I will quote Brad King, the creator of GCCXML, from the gccxml list in a 
thread regarding this problem (hope he does not mind):

"As I said the GCC parser cannot always handle the results of 
preprocessing as if using VC7.1.  In the case of system headers the 
GCC-XML installation copies and patches them to fix the problems.  In 
this case all the VC-specific hacks in boost are confusing GCC-XML."

Hopefully Brad can shed some more light in a possible workaround. :)

Best Regards,

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