[C++-sig] Strange behavior when split modules

Eric Jardim ericjardim at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 15:22:41 CEST 2005

Hi all,

While wrapping the Qt4 code, I decided to split my single "Qt.so" module in 
many modules (that by now are: Namespace, Core and Gui), and I am using a 
package called Qt, that do some essential Python initializations on 

Everything was Ok while spliting the modules, and it compiled Ok, and most 
of my tests ran Ok. But a strange thing is happening! 

There is a method called "parent" defined on the "QObject" class that 
returns the object's parent (or None if not it exists) that is another 
"QObject". As this is just a reference to a known object, I am using the 
"return_value_policy<reference_existing_object>" policy. The "QObject" class 
is defined on the "Core" module.

On the other hand. I have a lot of classes defined on the "Gui" module, that 
are children (direct or indirect) of QObject. One of them, for example, is 
the "QWidget" class. When I call "parent" from a "QWidget" object it return 
an object with a different Python object, and I loose it's reference because 
the refcount of that especific new Python object is lost. I also noted that 
this behavior happend with other methods that return "non-new" objects.

All I have to say is that when modules were together in one this problem 
didn't occur. To be sure of that, I just moved the QWidget class (and 
QPaintDevice, that is another base class of QWidget) to the "Core" module, 
and everything worked again.

So, am I not allowed to defined derived classes in different modules, or am 
I doing something wrong? 

By now, it is not a problem defining everything in a single module, but if 
someone may want to write extension of the python-qt4 library, that would be 
a problem.

By the way, the project can be downloaded from:


[Eric Jardim]
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