[C++-sig] Creating new instances of an object's contained value

Matt mjkeyes at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 5 07:35:59 CET 2005


I didn't even think of that!  That's a perfect solution.

Many thanks,

"Stefan Seefeld" <seefeld at sympatico.ca> wrote in message 
news:4393DB54.6040709 at sympatico.ca...
> Matt wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> This is probably a newbie question, but I'm curious if it's possible to
>> create a new instance of an object's contained value into another object
>> variable in an extension module I'm working on.
>> For example, I am trying to create a factory method of sorts that will
>> create a python object and return it.  Rather than load up the dictionary
>> and module and call Py_RunString each time the method is called, I would
>> like to only do this once (I'm not worried about reloading this python
>> object after the extension module is loaded).  Thus, I was thinking of
>> keeping an object variable that I can "clone", so to speak, and return 
>> the
>> cloned value.  Is this possible?
> Python has a 'copy' module that may do what you want. However, there might
> be a far simpler way to achieve the same thing:
> In Python, types are objects, too. So, your factory may read in the python
> script you are referring to once, and then extract the type objects which
> the parser instantiates from the global dictionary.
> Then, each time you call 'factory->create()' (or however it is spelled),
> you simply call operator() on the appropriate type object (with suitable 
> arguments)
> and return the result.
> Would that work for you ?
> HTH,
> Stefan 

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