[C++-sig] Useless use of type attributes

Philipp Thomas pth at suse.de
Thu Dec 8 18:06:26 CET 2005

* David Abrahams (dave at boost-consulting.com) [20051208 06:41]:

> They expand to different things on different compilers.

The only other thing I see is the __declspec.

> Are you sure that no supported platforms need them?  

No, I'm not sure. The only thing I remember is that MSVC only needs it at
declaration. But I've been working on Linux for the last ten years, so my
knowledge of other compilers is sparse at best.

> I seem to recall that older versions of MinGW, in fact, had very odd
> requirements in terms of where those __declspecs were placed.

How do I get answers to this? Ask on the boost ml?

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