[C++-sig] returning a wrapper instance exposed in the other module is not converted to its owner PyObject

Shin-ichi MORITA shin1_morita at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Dec 15 18:04:08 CET 2005

Hi David and Roman,

I'm confused!
You say "If you override __init__(), you must call
module1.Derived.__init__()", don't you?

But I do NOT override __init__() here.

Again... everything is ok except for module1.
Please check out "test_owner.tar.bz2" which I sent before.

Anyway, my concern is "boost::python::detail::wrapper_base
should be polymorphic? (or should have virtual


David Abrahams <dave at boost-consulting.com> wrote:
> > I think that __init__() is implicitly called
> because
> > __init__() is not overriden.
> It is not.  Listen to Roman.

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