[C++-sig] Pyste bug: implicit constructors

Nicodemus nicodemus at esss.com.br
Tue Feb 15 00:45:32 CET 2005

Nicodemus wrote:

> Niall Douglas wrote:
>> I suggest:
>>        artificial = element.get('artificial', False)
>>        ctor = Constructor(name, classname, params, visib)
>>        if artificial and not ctor.IsCopy():
>>            # we don't want artificial constructors except copy ones
>>            ctor = Unknown('__Unknown_Element_%s' % id)
>> ... but this may not be the right thing either.

I guess the correct thing would be to instantiate the Constructors 
anyway, but only export those that are non-artificial. This way, we get 
the usual Boost.Python behaviour. What you think?


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