[C++-sig] A 'WCHAR *' is expected, 'unicode(SerNo.0001)' is received

Bill Davy Bill at SynectixLtd.com
Thu Jul 21 18:38:25 CEST 2005

I've extracted the following from a larger program:

Class SomethingC
enum SerialNumberLengthE
		SerialNumberCharacters = 10
typedef enum {mt_EEPROM, mt_RAM} MemoryTypeT;
int WriteIntelHexFileToMemory(
             const TCHAR *IntelHexFileName, 
		const WCHAR SerialNumber[SerialNumberCharacters], 
		const MemoryTypeT MemoryType);

In the wrapper, I have:

typedef char TCHAR;
typedef wchar_t WCHAR;

In Python, I do:

FileName = r'E:\Husky\Cypress\Target\V1\Start1.hex'
SerialNumber = u'SerNo.0001'
MemoryType = SHIP.HuskyUsbC.mt_RAM
esult =

But at runtime I get:

TypeError: argument number 3: a 'WCHAR *' is expected, 'unicode(SerNo.0001)'
is received

I'm using SWIG-1.3.24 and Python 2.4.1

Suggestions, please.



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