[C++-sig] Pyste: Help Wanted

Bruno da Silva de Oliveira bso at inf.ufsc.br
Fri Jul 22 02:17:28 CEST 2005

Hi Folks,

As most of you know, I haven't had time to work on Pyste in a few 
months. The main reason is lack of time: I haven't have much free time 
left, between my work and my social life. Another reason is that I 
simply don't use it; at work we use Boost.Python extensivily, but can't 
rely on Pyste because it doesn't work very well on windows, which is our 
main development platform.

That said, I really would hate to see this project simply go to waste 
because of my lack of dedication. I would like to pass it on, if anybody 
in the Boost.Python community would like to do so. I will of course be 
avaiable to help with the current code if someone is willing to take it 
over, or support those who are starting an entire project of its own 
(I'm looking at you Roman ;)). After all, I'm not abandoning the 
community, just looking for someone to take over the project, or at 
least help applying patches and fixing bugs.

Anyway, I would like to just thank everyone in this great community, 
specially Dave, for the wonderful Boost.Python library and incentive at 
the start of the projetct. Lots of people also contributed to this 
project, in form of patchs, bug reports, etc, and I would also like to 
thank them all.

That's it. Best Regards,

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