[C++-sig] [Python] some questions in boost instalation and example building

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Wed Jul 27 20:08:13 CEST 2005

"weininghao" <weininghao at yahoo.com.cn> writes:

> Hi,
> Thanks.
> I found the reason why my configure "using gcc" cannot be recognized:
> I always modfied the user-config.jam file under the root directory of
> Boost.Build, but neglected another user-config.jam file has existed in
> the HOME directory. 
> 1) Now I add "using gcc" into the latter file, it works. But I still
> get the warning:
> warning: Python location is not configured
> warning: the Boost.Python library won't be built
> I have done: export PYTHON_ROOT=/usr, why got such warning?

Because that is the way you configure Boost.Build v1 to know about
Python.  In BBv2 you put

         using python ... ;

in your user-config.  See the comment in
tools/build/v2/tools/python.jam for how to invoke it.

> 2) Does that mean the file user-config.jam under HOME directory will
> be checked firstly, and if it is existed, the one under Boost.Build
> root directory will not be checked? 
> (In step3 at http://boost.org/doc/html/bbv2/installation.html, it says
> that the user-config.jam file is in the Boost.Build root directory )
> 3) I want to use Boost.Build.V2 , but I started to work from
> http://www.boost.org/more/getting_started.html. There are some
> comamnds such as "bjam "-sTOOLS=gcc" install"(in step5), which has not
> been mentioned is special for v1. So I use it with configuring 
> user-cinfig.jam at the same time. 
> Then the correct way to use v2 is totally following
> http://boost.org/doc/html/bbv2/installation.html, am I right?

BBv2 isn't officially supported by any of the library-specific build
instructions on the Boost website, because it hasn't been released

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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