[C++-sig] Nasty Heap Error in MSVC 7.1 With Boost andPythonUsing Derived Classes

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 18 21:14:43 CEST 2005

Matthew B. Keyes wrote:
> Here is how I built my extension/embedded application and extension dll
> with MS Visual Studio .NET 2003:
> -Use the MSVC project supplied with Boost.Python to build
> boost_python.dll
> -Link to the boost_python.lib file for both projects
> -Build (and everything works fine and runs well)

I added new exec, exec_file, and import functions to boost python a while
ago, and I adjusted the bb1 build system accordingly.
I wasn't aware of the fact that boost.org supplies MSVC project files.
Are they officially maintained at all ? I'm not able to adjust the project
file you are talking about to include the new source files, as I would be
unable to test the changes. David, what's the official procedure here ?
If MSVC project files are provided, can't they simply be wrappers that
delegate to bb1/bb2 internally ?


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