[C++-sig] C++ singleton

Emmanuel Taurel etaurel at cells.es
Mon Oct 24 12:22:58 CEST 2005

Hello everybody,


I am actually writing an interface to python for an existing C++ library
using Boost. This library has a C++ singleton class. This class has only one

constructor (with arguments) which is "protected" because it's a singleton.

I am not able to build a Boost interface to this class because the compiler
complains that the constructor I have given to Boost

in the class_xxx constructor argument is not public (which is true) !


Therefore, my question is simple : How is it possible to interface such a
class with only one constructor which is protected and a static method

to create/access the object ?


Thank's very much for your answer.




Emmanuel Taurel (etaurel at cells.es)


PS : By the way, is there a searchable archive of this mailing list ?


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