[C++-sig] C++ singleton

Wolfgang Langner wl at flexis.de
Mon Oct 24 12:50:30 CEST 2005


> I am actually writing an interface to python for an existing C++ library 
> using Boost. This library has a C++ singleton class. This class has only one
> constructor (with arguments) which is “protected” because it’s a singleton.
> I am not able to build a Boost interface to this class because the 
> compiler complains that the constructor I have given to Boost
> in the class_xxx constructor argument is not public (which is true) !

> Therefore, my question is simple : How is it possible to interface such 
> a class with only one constructor which is protected and a static method
> to create/access the object ?

Don't export the constructor, use no_init.
Declare the static method which returns the only instance as staticmethod.

Example code, not tested:

class_<MySingleton, boost::noncopyable>("MySingleton", no_init)
       .def("get", &MySingleton::get, return_internal_reference<>())

For more information see tutorial an reference:


For code examples look at the unit tests or other projects using boost:python.

bye by Wolfgang

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