[C++-sig] One more question about method with argc, argv like arguments

Wolfgang Langner wl at flexis.de
Tue Oct 25 13:05:05 CEST 2005


> Certainly this question has already been posted on this list but I don’t 
> really find example of how it could be solved.
> I want to wrap a class which has constructor taking arguments like the 
> famous “int argc, char *argv[]”
> and build instance of this class in python using 
> my_class(len(sys.argv),argv)

Wrap it to use only a python list.

> It is a quite common problem. As the second parameter is a pointer to 
> pointer I guess that
> there is a special trick to be used here.
  > Can anyone send me brief example of how this could be wrapped ?

Use injected constructors for this:

/* client_arg */
std::auto_ptr<MyClass> class_arg(boost::python::list args)
/* conversion here from python list to argc, argv */

std::auto_ptr<MyClass>myC(new MyClass(&argc, argv));

/* cleanup */

class_<MyClass, boost::noncopyable>("MyClass")
       .def("__init__", make_constructor(class_arg))

Conversion is left as an example. :-)

Look at test code for injected constructors !

bye by Wolfgang

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