[C++-sig] Problems with Python "Factories"

Lloyd Weehuizen lloyd at fusion.net.nz
Thu Apr 6 11:04:01 CEST 2006


I've run into a problem wrapping a C++ base class thats extended in 
Python and contains a factory method.

Here's a simplified example:

class FactoryBaseType

class FactoryBase
    virtual FactoryBaseType*  InstanceType();

In python I override this with a concrete type:

import mylib

class ConcreatePythonType( mylib.FactoryBaseType ):

class Factory( mylib.FactoryBase )
  def InstanceType():
       return ConcreatePythonType()

I've managed to set up the wrappers for the types and everything works 
great up until I call the InstanceType method on a python based factory 
from C++. The object is created and returned correctly to C++ from 
python. The C++ wrapper then uses extract<> to pull out the 
FactoryBaseType and return it to the callee and thats where it all goes 
wrong. When the wrappers InstanceType completes the local 
boost::python::object that has its pointer extracted from goes out of 
scope and the extract'd pointer becomes a dangling pointer as nobody is 
referencing the constructed python object anymore.

I'm not exactly sure how to solve this, do I have to hack around this by 
implementing some kind of temporary reference on the object? Or is there 
some way around this problem that I've missed?

Thanks for your help

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