[C++-sig] Boost, Boost.Python and G++ 2.96 on VxWorks

Martin Wille mw8329 at yahoo.com.au
Thu Dec 7 21:58:18 CET 2006

Van Note, Ryan - SSD wrote:
> I am currently attempting to build the Boost date and time library using
> G++ 2.96 on VxWorks.  Were you ever successful with the build using
> 2.96?

Oh dear. So called "gcc 2.96" is not even an official gcc release. The
version number was created by a Linux distributor who attempted to
improve gcc 2.95 by applying a number of patches. The result was a
compiler that was significantly more broken than gcc 2.95.3 was.

Note that gcc 2 is horribly outdated. It's built on a pre-standard C++
base. You'll probably be better off with a more recent compiler.

You can try looking at gcc 2.95 regression test results (if you happen
to find any), but odds are that the results for 2.96 would look a lot
worse if there were any (I don't think anyone ever published test
results for gcc "2.96").

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