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David Sveningsson ext at sidvind.com
Thu Dec 14 13:45:51 CET 2006

Hi, I'm back again with another question. I am exposing some C++ classes
to python using boost.

A have a class that is exposed to python. The class has a virtual
function that takes a pointer to a baseclass. This baseclass has a
function that returns the type of the class. By looking at the type one
can typecast into the corresponding class.

Now, I want to expose this behavior to python. I have a wrapper class to
expose the first class. It uses the get_override function to call the
function in python. So far it works. I can instantiate the class in
python and the method is called.

The problem is what to do next. I can look at the type function and
determine what type of class it is but whatever is passed into the
function is always a baseclass in python. I need to convert the class
into the right class.

All classes are exposed to python.

Some code:

Python wrapper object:

class PyObj: public Object, public wrapper<Object> {
        PyObj(const Object&){
        void notify(Event* evt){

Event class:

class Event: public Object {
        Event(Event_t type){ _type = type; }
        Event_t                type(){ return _type; }
        Event_t             _type;

Derived event:

class EventKeyboard: public Event {
        EventKeyboard() : Event( EVT_KEYBOARD ){}
        int     keycode(){ return _keycode; }
        int     _keycode;

Python code (only relevant part)

class Foo (Core.Object):
    def notify(self,a):
        if a.type() == Core.Event_t.EVT_KEYBOARD:
            print a.keycode()

            # Does not work, method not defined

            a.__class__ = Core.EventKeyboard
            print a.keycode()

            # This gives this error:
            # Boost.Python.ArgumentError: Python argument types in
            #     EventKeyboard.keycode(EventKeyboard)
            # did not match C++ signature:
            #     keycode(EventKeyboard {lvalue})


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