[C++-sig] pyplusplus tutorials & GUI wizard

Matthias Baas baas at ira.uka.de
Tue Feb 7 10:09:04 CET 2006

Roman Yakovenko wrote:
>>>>>> But now that I come to think about it, I don't understand why this works
>>>>>> at all. I noticed that the filter function is also applied to class
>>>>>> methods in which case the function returns False. But why are the
>>>>>> methods then exposed? (I thought this would be a way to filter out the
>>>>>> protected methods, but obviously this is not how it's supposed to work...)
>>>>> You found a bug. Thanks. I will fix it.
>> ok, I'll wait until the bug is fixed before I go on with my filtering
>> attempts...
> May be you missed my previuos letter or I was unclear, but I fixed
> "filter" bug and provided explanation how you can use filter.

I saw the mail, but after I updated from cvs I still got the same 
behavior as above, i.e. my filter still returns False on all class 
methods but the methods are included in the output nevertheless, so I 
was under the impression that the bug hasn't been fixed yet.
What exactly is/was the bug you were referring to? (maybe we have 
different understandings of what the bug actually is...)

- Matthias -

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