[C++-sig] Patch implementing void * support

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Sun Feb 12 00:02:24 CET 2006

David Abrahams <dave at boost-consulting.com> writes:

> "Niall Douglas" <s_sourceforge at nedprod.com> writes:
>> On 8 Feb 2006 at 15:38, David Abrahams wrote:
>>> >> Your patch must pass the Boost.Python test suite against the CVS in
>>> >> order to be accepted.
>>> >
>>> > I have tried repeatedly to get Boost from CVS during the last few 
>>> > days. Sourceforge says it rejects access to /cvsroot/boost for user 
>>> > anonymous. I have other CVS repositories on sourceforge working so I 
>>> > give up - I hate CVS anyway, it has never worked satisfactorily for 
>>> > me.
>>> >
>>> > If someone else wants to apply the patch to CVS and submit please 
>>> > feel free. Otherwise this patch is dead until the next release of 
>>> > Boost when I'll try again.
>>> You can get a tarball of the current Boost CVS state at
>>> http://www.boost-consulting.com/boost.tar.bz2
>> The attached applies cleanly to Boost CVS 06-02-09-0100 and compiles 
>> and passes the test suite on MSVC7.1 and GCC 4.0.2.
> Well, I finally got it cleaned up and working with older compilers,
> but now the 1.34 feature freeze is in effect.  I am waiting for the
> release manager's permission to check in on the trunk.

It is in CVS on the python-voidptr branch.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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