[C++-sig] Pyplusplus templates and roadmap

Allen Bierbaum abierbaum at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 02:03:00 CET 2006

I finally got back from vacation and had a chance to read through the
tutorial.  I now have a better understanding of what you are trying to
accomplish and I am able to understand what the examples are trying to
do.  I have a few comments:

- I think the tutorial should also expose a class.  The first thing I
tried to do after reading the tutorial was to expose a class and it
did not work.  (I think I need to use either filters or recursive to
make it work but I haven't figured that out yet).

- More extensive reference documentation for the classes/methods in
pyplusplus would be very helpful.  As it stands now I have an idea of
what I want to do but I don't have a good place to look for
documentation that describes how the current methods work.  Even just
having a line or two that describes each class and method (similar to
what is in some parts of gccxml) would help tremendously.

The tutorial is definitely a step in the right direction.  After
reading it I think pyplusplus can solve many of the issues I was
having with Pyste.


On 1/17/06, Roman Yakovenko <roman.yakovenko at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/16/06, Allen Bierbaum <abierbaum at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I am definitely willing to give you feedback on the tutorial if you like.
> Thank you.
> > > Meanwhile you can take a look at 2 examples: EasyBMP and custom_code_creator.
> > > Both those examples are very simple.
> >
> > I took a look at both of them and I agree they are simple.  That said,
> > I just can't seem to figure out where to start with them.  I mean I
> > see the code and I know it is overriding methods and calling things
> > but I don't know why or how it is working.  This is why I think a
> > simple tutorial would help out because it would let me see the forest
> > through the trees so to speak.
> Okay, I made first step towards tutorials. I took EasyBMP example and wrote
> documentation string for every function. In order to understand code
> generation process
> using pyplusplus you should read this
> http://language-binding.net/pyplusplus/pyplusplus.html
> and after this pyplusplus/examples/py_easybmp/create_easybmp.py file
> ( I attach new version of the file to the mail )
> I still should find out, how to build simple step by step tutorial
> from the information,
> I provided right now. I am sure you have some idea, right?
> Thanks
> Roman Yakovenko
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