[C++-sig] Patches and complete pyste replacement prototype for pyplusplus

Matthias Baas baas at ira.uka.de
Fri Feb 24 19:20:27 CET 2006

Allen Bierbaum wrote:
> On a related note, I highly suggest that any users out there that have
> tried/used Pyste but have found it to be too lacking in power should
> really give pyplusplus a try.  It has allowed me to do everything I
> ever wanted to do with Pyste and couldn't and then some.  It is really
> a great tool and I can't thank Roman enough for taking the time to
> create it and make it available.

I can only second that!
And I'd also like to encourage anybody who is interested in such a tool 
like Pyste/pyplusplus to spend an hour or two and give it a try and 
provide feedback. With Allen's or my own high level API proposals it has 
become much easier to quickly write bindings even for large C++ 
libraries. The actual "look & feel" is not so much different from Pyste 
anymore. And now that we're still in the process of defining an 
"optimal" high level API any feedback is much appreciated. Hopefully we 
will end up with an API that satisfies the needs for all users out there...

If you are curious and you haven't followed the recent discussion, here 
are all the relevant links:

pyplusplus: http://www.language-binding.net/
(you need pygccxml & pyplusplus. Please use the current cvs version as 
there already have been a couple of bug fixes. There's also a nightly 
tarball with the current sources available here: 

As using pyplusplus in its "raw" form is somewhat, erm, "low level", 
there are two (quite similar) proposals for a high level API, one by 
Allen Bierbaum and one by myself:

Allen's version (pypp_api) is available at 
and requires a patched version of pyplusplus. You can get the patch file 
at https://realityforge.vrsource.org/view/PyOpenSG/PyPlusPlusCodeChanges
(to apply the patch go to the root directory of pyplusplus/pygccxml and 
invoke "patch -p0 < pyplusplus.allenb-Feb23.patch")

My version (pyppapi) is available at 
http://i31www.ira.uka.de/~baas/pypp/ and also works with the regular 
version of pyplusplus.

- Matthias -

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