[C++-sig] Patches and complete pyste replacement prototype for pyplusplus

Niall Douglas s_sourceforge at nedprod.com
Fri Feb 24 22:46:00 CET 2006

On 24 Feb 2006 at 15:01, David Abrahams wrote:

> I hope someone will submit an appropriate patch to the Boost.Python
> documentation for Boost 1.34.  It's too late to put pyplusplus itself
> in the next release of Boost.Python (we're in a feature freeze) but I
> would very much like to get Roman's work into the one that follows.

I still think it's too early for that yet. I still don't have a 
working set of TnFOX bindings and the ones generated by pyste do work 
so it's still something in pyplusplus or what it outputs. I'm getting 
a mysterious unknown exception currently.

But don't worry, I'll put a bit more work into those soon.


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