[C++-sig] The first beta release of CGAL-Python is available.

Naceur Meskini Naceur.Meskini at sophia.inria.fr
Wed Jul 19 18:30:15 CEST 2006


We are pleased to announce the availability of the CGAL-Python first beta
release 0.9, the Python bindings for CGAL. It allows to easily use the
robust algorithms and data structures of CGAL under Python.

This first beta release of CGAL-Python provides the following modules:
*  Triangulations_2:
	This module corresponds to the Triangulation_2 package of CGAL that allows
	to build and handle various triangulations for point sets in two
	dimensions. It contains the following classes:
	-  Triangulation_2
	-  Delaunay_triangulation_2
	-  Delaunay_constrained_triangulation_2
	-  Constrained_triangulation_2
	-  Constrained_triangulation_plus_2
*  Triangulations_3:
	This module allows to build and handle triangulations for point sets in
	three dimensions.
	Currently this module provides two classes:
	-  Triangulation_3
	-  Delaunay_triangulation_3
*  Alpha_shapes_2
*  Alpha_shapes_3
*  Polyhedron
	-  Poyhedron_3
*  Convex_hull_2
*  Geometric_Optimisation
	-  Min_ellipse_2
	-  Min_circle_2
	-  Min_sphere_3
	-  Min_annulus_2
	-  Min_annulus_3
*  Mesh_2
*  Kernel
	-  Point_2(3)
	-  Ray_2(3)
	-  And many other basic geometric objects.

More information about CGAL-Python such as an online manual, a
mailing-list and downloading instructions can be found on the web site
We welcome any feedback on this early release.

We also would like to take the opportunity of this mail to recall that
another interpreted language provides bindings to CGAL: the SCILAB
platform (a Matlab-like environment), using the CGLAB toolbox

INRIA Sophia-Antipolis.

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