[C++-sig] templated classes in pyplusplus

Naceur.Meskini at sophia.inria.fr Naceur.Meskini at sophia.inria.fr
Thu May 11 22:36:20 CEST 2006

> On 5/11/06, Naceur Meskini <Naceur.Meskini at sophia.inria.fr> wrote:
>> Roman Yakovenko wrote:
>> Thank you Roman,
>> But according to the comparision between Pyste and pyplusplus
>> (http://www.language-binding.net/pyplusplus/comparisons/pyste.html)
>> pyplusplus don't support templates, and all my code is templated?
> It is not true. I have to correct this document. pyplusplus has same
> level functionality.
> The reason is that they both use GCC-XML as C++ parser.

I'm trying to analyse the date_time example in order to do the same, but
in vain, I also read all messages concerning templates in pyplusplus and I
find out that you have said that there is many way to expose templated
classes and one them is to use sizeof
Can you please complete the explication of that, because I don't know how
to use file_configuration_t

#include "TempClass.h"

namespace details{
    inline void export_templates(){
        sizeof( TempClass<int> );

After this you can use pygccxml.parser.file_configuration_t to include
this file
to parse process.


> You can take a look on boost.date_time example.
>> >> Thanks in advance.
>> >>
>> >> Naceur
>> >> INRIA.
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