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J.D. Yamokoski yamokosk at ufl.edu
Thu May 25 19:16:54 CEST 2006

Understood. I guess using Py_Finalize was a lazy way for me to 
sort of reset the Python interpreter. I just wanted to make sure 
that variables created inside a script don't build in the global 
dictionary and maybe cause strange runtime errors over the course 
of running the program. I am sure I could just make sure to clean 
out anything new created in the dictionary or something like 

So then does Boost support multiple Python threads created in C?

On Thu May 25 12:10:56 EDT 2006, "Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve" 
<rwgk at yahoo.com> wrote:

> --- "J.D. Yamokoski" <yamokosk at ufl.edu> wrote:
>> Are there any other C/API calls that are not compatible with 
>> Boost?
> I don't think so.
>> And what is the proper way to shut down the interpreter or reset 
>> it using Boost?
> It is not supported. This is because the groups funding 
> Boost.Python V2
> development had no interest in embedding.
> Actually, how serious is this limitation in practice? If you 
> simply start the
> interpreter when your main is called and then reuse it all the 
> time, what is
> lost compared to shutting down and restarting the interpreter 
> multiple times?
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