[C++-sig] Possible Boost.Python (1.33.1) source code problem

Christopher Cambly ccambly at ca.ibm.com
Wed Apr 18 20:49:59 CEST 2007

c++-sig-bounces at python.org wrote on 04/18/2007 01:49:10 PM:

> Hi,
> Recently we've had the IBM xlC team trying to get the last release of 
> Boost (1.33.1) to build with xlC, and they have found one problem that 
> they believe is an error in the Boost source.  They suggest that line 
> 158 of boost/python/detail/def_helper.hpp should be changed from
> , keywords<0>
> to the fully qualified form
> , boost::python::detail::keywords<0>
> because they believe the original form to be ambiguous.  The (not too 
> detailed) message they sent me is as follows:
> > ---
> > This one we think is a boost source error. The access to keywords need 

> > to be fully qualified to distinguish it from it earlier use.
> > You need to patch your boost header as follows:
> Looking at the file I don't necessarily see why the original form is 
> ambiguous myself.  Does someone more knowledgeable believe this change 
> is required, or should I push the xlC guys and say we believe this is 
> still a weakness in their compiler?

The patched boost source code is no longer required with the development
branch of xlC.  Your compiler version will require the use of the patched 
boost source in
the interim. 

> Mike Owen.
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