[C++-sig] python extension - std::set

Karl Kobata karl.kobata at syncira.com
Mon Aug 6 05:50:36 CEST 2007

I have created an extension to my python 2.5 installation on winxp and rel3
linux.  I have used C++ set and deque constructs in the interface and am
looking for help python construct required to access the extension.


1) My interface has the following:


class TestApp {


            // constructors, destructors

            TestApp ();

            ~ TestApp ();


            // data members

            // ====>  data members manipulated by C++/Python programs  <====

            std::string sString1;

            std::set<std::string> stSetString1;

            std::set<std::string> stSetString2;


            std::deque<std::string> dqDequeString;



2) have used swig 1.3 to create a wrapper

3) this extension was compiled with distutils


In python, how will I access and modify the std::set and std::deque?

Does anyone have examples to do this?

Please help.




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