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Jeff Winkelman winkatl1213 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 23 16:27:54 CEST 2007


I am using py++ for the first time to wrap a decent sized C++ library.  We've been using SWIG for this library for several years and have recently discovered some significant memory leaks.  I upgraded to the latest version of SWIG which resulted in huge increase in compile times and no resolution to the issue.

So, I've decided to see if boost would handle the situation better.  

I am able to successfully generate a wrapper file using py++, however, some of the template instances that are declared in one of the header files are not exposed in the wrapper.

I've read several suggestions on the py++ website, and even tried wrapping these template instances in a pyplusplus::aliases namespace as suggested in the py++ "hints" section.

This eliminated some warnings, but didn't result in code being added for these objects.

Does anyone have an idea of why these instances are not be wrapped?

I've included the header files I'm trying to wrap along with my py++ script that I'm using.

My environment is:

Windows XP SP2
gcc-xml - binary build that's posted on the ctypes sourceforge site (version is reported as 0.7.0)

Thanks in advance,


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