[C++-sig] pygccxml not picking up optional parameters in std::vector constructor

Nindi Singh nindi73 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 28 00:16:24 CET 2007

I am using pygccxml to parse C++ code and it all is working like a dream but for one thing.

When I explicitly instantiate std::vector«double,std::allocator«double» »

pygccxml doesn't seem to pick up the default parameters in the constructors.

Specifically,  I am using libstdc++ from gnu, one of the constructors for std::vector has the following signature


explicit       vector(size_type __n, 

                    const value_type& __value = value_type(),

	                           const allocator_type& __a = allocator_type())

So I expect calldef_t.required_args to be size_type ( or whatever it actualy is)

and expect calldef_t.optional_args to be the other 2. This, however is not the case, I see all 

arguments as being in calldef_t.required_args. I cannot on the other hand reproduce this 

behaviour for my own classes, there it works as expected.

Any suggestions or enlightenment would be greatly aprieciated.


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