[C++-sig] boost python build/linking/distribution questions

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Sat Feb 10 02:35:20 CET 2007

Tony Kirke wrote:

> Thanks for replying. The first question was not boost/python specific
> and I was looking for examples from someone who may have done this for a
> boost related package. it wasn't clear to me if extra steps are
> necessary when using boost/bjam vs the typical makefile way of creating
> packages for distribution - which is what all of the examples I've seen use.

Building an rpm package does not really rely on any particular build tool,
be it make or bjam. You merely specify a shell script chunk used to 'install'
your code into a fake root, and rpmbuild will collect all the thusly installed
files into the package.

> What is boost specific, is whether a libboost_python.so file is always
> required or whether whatever of it that's needed can be contained in the
> .pyd/.dll files through a linker/compiler flag.

I'm not sure. As I said, rpmbuild will figure out what libraries your
files depend on (using ldd, I guess), though these may or may not originate
from rpm packages, so rpmbuild may not be able to resolve those dependencies
to required rpm packages. It's probably always best if you can explicitely
specify package dependencies using the 'Required' keyword.



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