[C++-sig] boost::python, PyObject* members, and cyclic references

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Hello all

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Subject: [C++-sig] boost::python, PyObject* members, and cyclic references

>I am trying to wrap a class in which I'd like to expose some of its data
> as a numpy array, so in python it works like this:
> >>> o = array_holder()
> >>> a = o.array
> >>> a[4:6] = 3.14
> Rather than constructing the array every time, I'd like to store the
> PyObject* (or something equivalent) in my array_holder wrapper, but I
> need to tie the lifetimes of 'o' and 'a' together, so nothing bad
> happens if someone does 'del o' while 'a' still exists.

You might be interested in this code for some inspiration:


It implements __array_struct__ for some uBLAS and multi_array stuff and has 
some ideas for automatically converting a wrapper object to a NumPy array 
and vice versa when returning from C++ or calling into C++, respectively.

__array_struct__ is described here:




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