[C++-sig] Announcing pybindgen

niki niki at vintech.bg
Mon Oct 1 11:36:51 CEST 2007

Roman Yakovenko wrote:
>     Although I like Py++ a lot, I really hate Boost.Python.  Maybe it's
>     because of my lack of skill in understanding C++ templates, but I
>     feel like Boost.Python hides too many details underneath a layer of
>     cryptic to follow set of C++ templates, while I need to see the
>     generated code in order to check that memory management details are
>     being declared and implemented correctly. 
> :-), I think you are going to reinvent the wheel here. I guess there are 
> many reasons why memory management  is complex and you eventually 
> rediscover all of them

About reinventing the wheel: Pyrex/Cython has to deal with similar 
memory management problems. Maybe there are some parts to share?


Niki Spahiev

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