[C++-sig] To Roman Yakovenko - a question about boost python

Chang Chen Chang_Chen at sonic.com
Mon Oct 22 09:05:17 CEST 2007

Hi Roman Yakovenko

Do you think what I think on out parameter is ok or not?

Any suggestion?

- Chang

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I know we need define a wrapper, but our function signature is quite
regular. i.e. only the last parameter is output parameter, so I want to
write a template, so that such wrapper can be easily written.

Our function definition looks like:

    void function1(int  t1, float t2, string& t3) ;

I want to define a template:

template <typename Return, typename T1, typename T2, typename TOUT> 
 struct FunctionConvert< Return (*) ( T1 , T2, TOUT& ) >
	typedef functionT	Return (*) ( T1 , T2, TOUT& );
	static TOUT run(functionT P,const T1& t1, const T2& t2)
		TOUT out;
		return out;

But I do not know how to integrate it with boost python :(.

- Chang

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