[C++-sig] Boost Python wrapper<> causing a compile error C2664in vc++ 8.0

Matthew Scouten (TT) Matthew.Scouten at tradingtechnologies.com
Fri Sep 7 22:53:56 CEST 2007

I looked at Py++ but it seemed to require gcc. I cannot use that because
the company uses vc++ and the binary package I am wrapping was compiled
by vc++. Was I wrong? Can I use it with vc++? If I could use a gui that
would be fantastic. I have been finding boost::python to be under


Also, how automated is that gui? If py++ is just a matter of writing the
same code in  python instead of c++ templates, I am more familiar with
c++ than python. 


The final lib to wrap is huge and problematic. There are pointers
returned and passed to python, vectors of pointers, virtual function
callbacks to be overloaded in python, overloaded functions,  functions
with default parameters, and all of the above in all combinations. 


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On 9/7/07, Matthew Scouten (TT)
<Matthew.Scouten at tradingtechnologies.com> wrote:

I am trying to wrap a class with virtual functions in c++, to be over
loaded in Python, and called from c++.
I have been working up to full functionality gradually but I have hit a
road block.
My code (trimmed to only relevant parts, with the identifiers changed to
protect the guilty): 

 class CProofOfConcept {


                int x;



                //CProofOfConcept(float f);

                std::string conceptProven(std::string = "My kingdom for
a valid arg!");

                virtual std::string reality(void) const;

                std::string ProofOfCallback();

                virtual std::string sureality(void);

                virtual ~CProofOfConcept(void);



                float y;



class CProofOfConceptWrapper: public CProofOfConcept, public









                                .def("ProofOfCallback" ,



Here is the code Py++ generated:

struct CProofOfConcept_wrapper : CProofOfConcept, bp::wrapper<
CProofOfConcept > {

    CProofOfConcept_wrapper(CProofOfConcept const & arg ) 
    : CProofOfConcept( arg )
      , bp::wrapper< CProofOfConcept >(){
        // copy constructor

    CProofOfConcept_wrapper( )
    : CProofOfConcept( )
      , bp::wrapper< CProofOfConcept >(){ 
        // null constructor



    bp::class_< CProofOfConcept_wrapper >( "CProofOfConcept" )    
        .def( bp::init< >() )    

P.S. If you just start with Boost.Python I suggest you to try Py++ (
s_gui.html ). I think you will not be disappointed. 

Roman Yakovenko
C++ Python language binding

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