[C++-sig] make_constructor, with_custodian_and_ward problems (again)

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 16:55:39 CEST 2007

What's the correct way to do this?  Neither of the below .defs will compile:

multi_array_ref<int,1>* make_array_int_1 (object & o) {
  void* buffer;
  bp::ssize_t size;
  int ret = PyObject_AsWriteBuffer (o.ptr(), &buffer, &size);

  return new multi_array_ref<int,1> (static_cast<int*>(buffer),

BOOST_PYTHON_MODULE(multi_array) {
  def ("make_buffer", &make_buffer);

  class_<multi_array_ref<int,1> > ("multi_array_int_1", no_init)
    .def ("__init__", make_constructor (&make_array_int_1), with_custodian_and_ward_postcall<0,1>())
    .def ("__init__", make_constructor (&make_array_int_1, with_custodian_and_ward_postcall<0,1>()))

This same question was raised before, but I don't see a correct answer:

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