[C++-sig] C++ object reference passed to Python trouble...

Tucker, Steve Steve.Tucker at coair.com
Mon Sep 24 18:38:20 CEST 2007

I am having trouble passing a reference of a C++ instance to my Python
script? At first I was able to pass a simple string to the script but
then wanted to pass a C++ object reference and that's were things got
ugly? I am using Visual Studio 2005 and Python 2.5 and Boost 1.34.


My code compiles fine and executes up until the 


call<void>(pyFunc, obj);


code is called. By stepping into the "shared_ptr_to_python.hpp" an
exception is thrown on line 23


        return converter::registered<shared_ptr<T>


I have tried using a raw pointer, but read it was highly suggested not
to do this!!! So I wrapped the class pointer in a boost::shared_ptr, is
this correct?


At first I got this error message -


"Unhandled exception at 0x7c812a5b in cpp_python.exe: Microsoft C++
exception: boost::python::error_already_set at memory location


Then stripped out actual message using some brilliant code listed in the
forum and got - 


"TypeError: No to_python (by-value) converter found for C++ type: class
boost::shared_ptr<class Host>"


 Below is my C++ and Python code...


"py_connection.pyd" Code


class Host



      Host(): _greetVal("Hello"){}


      std::string greet(void){return _greetVal;}

      void set_greet(std::string value){_greetVal = value; _greetVal +=
" good to see you.";}



      std::string _greetVal;






            .def("greet", &Host::greet)

            .def("set_greet", &Host::set_greet)





EXE Code ".cpp" file-


typedef boost::shared_ptr<Host> spHost;


template <class T>

void CallPyFunc(PyObject* pyFunc, T obj)




            // ERROR here in shared_ptr_to_python.hpp Line 23

            call<void>(pyFunc, obj);


      catch (error_already_set&)


            PyObject *type, *value, *traceback;

            PyErr_Fetch(&type, &value, &traceback);

            PyErr_Restore(type, value, traceback);


            PyErr_Restore(type, value, traceback);





int main(int argc, char *argv[])


      spHost host(new Host());      





      PyObject* pyMod = PyImport_ImportModule("parser_util");

      PyObject* pyFunc = PyObject_GetAttrString(pyMod,


      CallPyFunc(pyFunc, host);







      return 0;





import py_connection


def PrintObjectValue(o):

print o.greet()

o.set_greet("Py Hello")


Can you see if I am passing the value correctly so that my Python code
is able to alter the reference? I need to alter it in Python and have it
reflected when the C++ code executes again?


I have read a lot about wrapping the C++ object but still don't see my
error. The more I look the more I find that there are many complex
solutions that are sometimes unreadable or understandable. I would love
to find a simple (less complex) solution to passing a C++ object
reference to Python and back but I am not seeing it? 





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