[C++-sig] Introduction of myself.

Scott Cox scott.stk at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 00:08:39 CEST 2008

Hello there,

     I am interested in using Python as a community scripting language for a
game/project I and my team of developers have been working on for quite a
while. I'm not a programmer by any means, but I have been assigned this

     The game engine we are creating our game around, Valve's Source Game
Engine, is mainly written in C++, but it is impossible for us to offer this
as a modding system for our project. Our license gives our development team
access to the source code for the engine, but we cannot keep the game open
source. We need to develop a system for using Python as a means to access
and mod the Source code in the engine.

     I, however, have no idea how this would be completed. By what I've seen
of Python/C++ merging, I made the assumption that it's very complicated and
requires every command to be "boosted" from C++ to Python format. That may
pay off for our project in the long run, seeing as how it allows us to shape
what commands we want available to the public, but I have no idea of what I
need to accomplish the "boosting" of all these commands.

     I appreciate all help in advance, thank you. If you have anything at
all to say regarding this, please do so. If you feel I'm asking in the wrong
place for help on this, I kindly ask that you point me in the right

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